Micro Businesses

A micro business is easy to start and do it right now.

Manage your business from start to finish

Micro Business E-Books

Careful planning is fundamental to success. The Small Business Planner includes information and resources that will help you at any stage of the business life cycle.

Plan Your Business

* Get Ready
* Write a Business Plan

Start Your Business

* Find a Mentor
* Finance Start-Up
* Buy a Business
* Buy a Franchise
* Name Your Business
* Choose a Structure
* Protect Your Ideas
* Get Licenses and Permits
* Pick a Location
* Lease Equipment

Manage Your Business

* Lead
* Make Decisions
* Manage Employees
* Market and Price
* Market and Sell
* Understand Fair Practice
* Pay Taxes
* Get Insurance
* Handle Legal Concerns
* Forecast
* Advocate and Stay Informed
* Use Technology
* Finance Growth

Getting Out

* Plan Your Exit
* Sell Your Business
* Transfer Ownership
* Liquidate Assets
* File Bankruptcy
* Close Officially

The typical European enterprise is a micro business employing 3 persons. Crafts and small businesses employ more than 53% of Europe's workforce (around 95 million people) and are responsible for half of Europe's total turnover. The average company size in Europe is 5 occupied persons. Small businesses and craft enterprises are therefore the rule in Europe and not the exception. Small enterprises and craft businesses are a key source of jobs and a breeding ground for business ideas. Small businesses are 
the main driver for innovation and employment as well as social and local integration in Europe.

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Micro Businesses
Micro-businesses Sellers, Buyers, Exchangers, Investors, Affiliates, Associates & Partners
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Tel. 1-646-395-0128

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